monotypes - student project

I had loads of fun creating these pieces. I chose a very small format (DIN A6), as yhis was the glas size I had at hand, plus this fit the frame I had available to later hang the works on the wall.

Thank you for the class, I loved to learn a new technique which allows me to loosen up and creatively find meaning in the unexpected.

monotypes - image 1 - student project

In the first one I tried darker colors, monochromatic, just to see how it goes.

I loved the contrast between the white of the paper and the rich blue. And I simply had to also see how india ink would go with this combination.


monotypes - image 2 - student project

With the second one I tried to "blob" yellow and blue and I love how sometime they mixed to create green.

As for the linework, I kept thinking of the #INKredible_inktober prompt "healing roots", as I started with the tree in the top right corner and then went on with the idea.


With the third piece, I used more water to my watercolors and this gave dome very interesting effects. As I looked at the image "straight from the press" i kept seeing those sunglasses and the flowy hair. So I went with the idea. But then I got stuck, the image was incomplete and it was missing something, which I could not identify. And then my 12yo daughter saw the image and asked me where are the hands of this morotcyclist...

monotypes - image 3 - student project