miss amy's mornings

My primary focus is to become more happy, healthy, and aware. To set myself up for success to be the best me I can be every day. 

The habits I want to focus on include exercising, practicing mindfulness and gratefulness, and staying organized and prepared. 

My daily focuses are as follows: 

  • Monday: Power Rangers training in Santa Monica (circuit training)
  • Tuesday: Bladwin Hills (lungs and stamina)
  • Wednesday: November Project at the Hollywood Bowl (stairs and cardio)
  • Thursday: Bladwin Hills (lungs and stamina)
  • Friday: November Project (depending on location) or walk around the neighborhood (running or walking)
  • Saturday: Me time - spend the morning and day doing whatever appeals to me and my desires
  • Sunday: Couple's retreat - relax and savor time with my boyfriend

My ideal morning scedule is below: 

  • 5:05 - Wake up / Make bed / Bathroom / Put in contacts / Brush teeth / Wash face 
  • 5:25 - Eat breakfast + write affirmations 
  • 5:35 - Get dressed and gather accessories (gloves / fanny pack / water bottle)
  • 5:50 - Out the door
  • 6:30 - Work out then head home
  • 7:45 (or whatever time I get home) - Meditate and stretch
  • 8:00 - Shower
  • 8:20 - Get dressed and tidy up
  • 8:45 - Plan out day / grocery list / to do list / etc
  • 9:00 - Work

To set myself up for success, my evening routine will include the following (times will vary based on work, but all activities will be practiced): 

  • Finish work and clean / pack everything away
  • 7 minute workout
  • Wash dishes from lunch and previous dinner
  • Make and eat dinner
  • Go to the store if necessary 
  • Meal prep for the next day 
  • Journal and Netflix
  • Make sure alarms are set and clothes are ready for the morning 
  • Read before falling asleep


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