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mirror show

The simplest and most honest solution is to "sell" a virtual show in both places. The show can be actually set in a 3rd place, filmed and transmited in the two places that wanted to book the show initially. Sure the money isn't the same as for two real shows but with the third show selled for real, it compensates, if not it makes more money.

Another solution is to come up with a spatial device that can create a "time gap". In this way it's sufficient two find a hall with two scenes - back to back- and install the timegap device in between. This will allow the same show to be seen on one scene at a certain time and at a different time - let's say 2 hours latter, on the other side of the scene. As this will be an unique event, people will pay the difference in order to fly and see the show. This solution can be sold out for more than the first!

The best way to illustrate these is to draw it - but unfortunately I don't have a scaner handy at this time. It's always just a question of time....


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