mini project

I did this project on my iPad with the fonts that I have installed on it. I don't think all of these sufficed. I don't think my font bank is adequate and this project makes me think that I may need to go search for some to download. But I liked the way this project made me compare one font to another and how they speak (so to speak) as individual voices...how they might work in one situation but not another-or another might work just a little better...etc.

I found other fonts I would have subbed for these on my laptop. For instance, I would have probably exchanged chalkboard se in "sporty" for the font princetown let. I probably would exchange chalkboard"childlike" for the font welcome to planet earth, and a few other changes. I don't know that they are considered "quality fonts", but I think they are probably still suitable subs for the ones I chose here. I still don't think I have enough fonts for some reason...




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