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mini leaves

Hello everyone

This is my first skillshare class-and I wanted to do something totally new! Thank you teacher Bonnie for such a fun intro class to surface pattern. I have always been intimidated to use illustrator, but you made it easy to follow through. 

So here is my lesson journey.


I observe trees more than flowers; mainly because the neighbourhood where I live (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) is full of them. I decided to include the twigs and branches shapes into my sketch. 


Here is my digital moodboard. I also looked through some nature books for inspiration. Bonnie's advice not to be intimidated by looking at other's people work is also golden. Sometimes looking at a great illustration, I feel like giving up. 


Some of my sketches. I think I need more exercise in this area. Anyway I also find looking at science books can be interesting. Some close up images of flowers and plants cell can provide interesting pattern and perspective! 

Color palette

Here is my color palette. When doing the detailed pattern I felt like I wanted a light yellow background, so I added another colour later on. Is adding/changing the color palette okay as we go along? I would appreciate some insight on this :)

Digital sketch

I traced my sketches using the blob tool. My first time using a wacom tablet, so lots of wobbly trace in the beginning; but I had fun doing this. I also learn not to leave any open ends in the drawing, it creates some delay when I colored them with live paint later on.

Simple pattern

I took one of the colored drawing to create a simple pattern. I like the result here, and might go back to a couple of the drawings later.

Final patterns

Here are the final patterns that I assembled. I would use a bigger scale for my drawings next time. I enjoyed the whole process in this class; thank you!


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