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Over the last year I've gotten deep into photography and been having a blast. Instagram has been a great tool in sharing my travels and emerging photographic style with friends and beyond.

I enjoyed this class cause it gave some simple, quick tips to revamp your profile and photos. It helps you turn the light on your own account and gives you some good ideas on how to better personalize it. I realized that was one thing that I haven't been doing - looking at my profile as a whole, as all the recent photos were coming together to create an image in itself - of me and as Gareth puts it "my brand."

One thing that I noticed with my IG is that when posting photos I always use the IG Square app that takes the entire photo and adds a border where needed to make it square and fit into instagram without cropping. Which, I do like when adding things photo by photo. But, when viewed from my profile it looks messy and inconsistent. I loved out Laruen Lemons (?) profile looked with a super consistent border and spacing between photos. So, with some other minor profile and "brand" tweaks, THAT is my major take away from this course and my goal for the future of my IG.

Thanks Gareth!











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