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This app is not your grandmother's receipe book. 

This app is the Tumblr of recipe books. 

What do I mean by the two statements above? One, you will never have to carry around, store or write down any receipes in the future. Two, the recipes are all animated as GIFs. 

The difficulties I have had with cooking in the past are:

  1. Don't know what the process should look like as I go through.
  2. I get lost on the steps, all the time.
  3. The steps are written as a paragraph? 
  4. Where is the timer?

I realized that a recipe app that broke down all the steps of the cooking or baking processes, would help to make cooking or baking more fun, and hopefully the food would taste great as well. 

Each recipe would start with a picture of all the utencils and ingredients needed for the process (this would help to get rid fo the nasty habit of trying to find things while cooking), and the cook would be able to check off that they have everything they need before starting the process. 

After getting all utencils and ingredients ready, the recipe would show GIFs for each step of the process; the order that the ingredients need to go into  the bowl or pan, in the correct order and what utencils are needed for each step (I don't think I always do this). The cook would be able to slide the picture up to see the ingredient amounts and utencils needed for that step. The GIF would keep playing the same step over and over, until the cook swipes to the next step (how many cooking shows just keep moving through the process, and you missed that one step they said not to miss?). 

After everything has been mixed, now is the baking time (or whatever requires a timer). This is where the app would come to a screen with the timer already setup and ready to be touched to start. This is built right into the app, so there is no need to find a timer, or make one on the phone through the clock app (making the process easier). 

After the food is done and ready to be eaten, the app would allow the individual to take a picture of the food and send it to any social site of their choice. Why not share a beautiful meal with someone else (even if they can't eat it)?

As a exercise specialist, I have heard all the issues and excuses of why people can't, or don't want to cook. I feel this would be a great app for anyone who doesn't feel like they can do it, teaching a young child how to cook, or to help grandmother reduce those books in the cabinet. 

Thank you for your time, and happy eating.

James Lee Branham


The app would first start with a number of recipes created by the company for people to use.The number of recipes would expand by cooks sharing their recipes using the app to upload their recipes. 

In addition, a cook would be able to create a recipe list from the items they want to cook, and be able to check off the ingredients or utencils from the list as they shop. 


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