master board

master board - student project

master board - image 1 - student projectmaster board - image 2 - student projectI spent several days making my Pinterest boards... haha.

Thought I would at least share the master one, given that the others are quite large. Feel free to check them out if you like though!!






themes I found:

Embracing the mess, responding with joy

Acknowledging the sad things, and being hopeful

Friends living life together

Directing the chaotic energy within

Comfortable awkwardness

Appreciation for the simple things



 visual themes:

LOTS of texture, pencil, grit, water, etc.

Complexly simple

Glowing things, strong light sources

Contrasting warm and cool colors





Cheek blush marks

Use of negative space

I’ve done 3 illustrations based on the dice exercise so far, I included my favorites, a self portrait/copy yourself, and an outside interest/guilty pleasure. I plan to do more in order to have a good base for the “populate your world” exercise.

master board - image 3 - student projectmaster board - image 4 - student project

I’m really excited to see where all of these discoveries take me!

I love talking about all creative stuff, so if you wanna talk with me, feel free to message me on Instagram!! I’m @david_the2nd on there!