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marvelous night for a moondance


So, I have a few ideas narrowed down. It's hard for me to limit myself to 10 words! I thought it would be much easier, but I was looking through some of my favorite quotes, and most of them are 12-15 words. Soooo, I've been digging a little deeper in my old notebooks and have found a few other phrases. Here are my current considerations:

  • "well it's a marvelous night for a moondance" (van morrison--moondance)
  • "thinking is the best way to travel" (moody blues--the best way to travel)
  • "In life as in the dance: Grace glides on blistered feet." (alice abrams)
  • "hey, I've got nothing to do today but smile" (simon & garfunkel--only living boy in new york)
  • "keep in the sunlight" (part of a benjamin franklin quote)
  • "be in love with your life. every detail of it" (jack kerouac--selected letters, 1940-1956)

Step 2: Sketchin

so I literally just wrote the phrases out without thinking much about it just to get some ideas flowing...

and then I decided on the MOONDANCE quote! 

I experimented with the layout a little bit and then decided on this:

STEP 3: Final project

and here's how it turned out! I used liquitex iridescent bright silver ink.

any feedback would be awesome!


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