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marrakech floral

Here is my first hand drawn design:I added more detail and offset it and filled in the middle and started cleaning up a mess!

Next I checked my repeat which took some more time cleaning up more mess!  Then I did my first colorway which I had to do in Photoshop since I didn't color anything by hand this time.

Here is another colorway. By now I am wishing I had done a more textured background and hand colored this, but otherwise I'm happy with it as a simple design.  I would have liked to get a more pale celery green background but was having a lot of trouble getting the color I wanted???

Here is a darker colorway using color adjustments and it ended up looking very 60's to me which is kind of fun:

I learned a lot by going through this whole process. I can see the advantage of hand coloring your design first since it allows you to keep your subtle paint and/or marker marks and this looks almost like I did it in Ilustrator to me.  I need to play with the watercolor brush tool as well!  

Thanks so much for your great videos so far :)

Here's some wallpaper:

Cream colorway:

White colorway a bit larger :

Blue colorway:

So fun to see how your repeat looks in context with a room!  I think I need to redesign this room for a more bohemian look to make this pattern work!

Thanks for the templates...such a good idea for this class.

Here is the fashion template.  Time to go make more patterns :)


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