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Matt White

Designer & Compassionate Dissident




/critical error- made marks on a day when i was feeling good and very relaxed and comfortable(coffee shop, plus favorite pen, and familiar shapes amd techniques). Compared to a slow day at work, that was droaning on, and I wasnt feeling super positive, and the marks i was making were large, agressive and felt overly loose and careless. And i havent deceided whether, this led to freeer marks and expression, or senseless graphics for the sake of making marks.


-images from sketchbook.


-noted on another members the avoidance of the work fuck, I made the mistake, but wont let it happen again.


kinda feeling the old expired/exposed polaroid feel, also the inverted scan seems to be working to my favor, but who even knows?

////continued efforts from todays events to come, going to get weirder with more ink and brush.




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