map of pomona as a kid in the 80's

map of pomona as a kid in the 80's - image 1 - student project

It's crazy to me to think that my family spent the first 30+ years of their lives within 12 square miles. The world seemed to big at that time. 

Fun memories included:

Visits to my grandparent: Grandma Bidwell and the bunny farm; Grammy's by way of the curvy park road and the bumps that made me lose my tummy; Grandma Strawn's for visits with friends, feeding stray cats after being told not to and Saturday morning donuts at Winchell's with Grandpa and Fifi via the classic El Camino. 

Having all my aunties so near by: being spoiled rotten by my Auntie Wilma; beauty treatments (mani and pedi's) and shopping trips w/ Auntie Jeannie; having so much fun with Auntie Joanne, Uncle Darrell and the Boys (only Steve & Dan at this time).  Having tea with Aunt Barbara and dressing up in fancy hats.

Summer trips to Raging Waters. One time the cousins and I busted a skunk bathing in the kiddy pool??!! Crazy!

Rolling around at Mom's boyfriend's auto shop on those little carts that let you go under the cars, sneaking rocks out of the parts cleaner machine (it smelled good...probably totally toxic), washing my hands with the fun green dry soap that was really scratchy. 

Going to MacDo. As a kid it's never about the crappy food but the fun memories of hanging out on the awesome play gym and getting toys with the happy meals. 

Visiting Grammy at the bowling alley / diner (the fork). The best part was the iced tea, the whole bowl of crutons and my own jello. 

Monthly trips to the mall for Cinnabons with Mom. The smell of cinnamon stickiness...hmmm hmmm hmm and oh so comforting. 

Drag car races with Dad. The feel of the drag car as a changes the pace of my heart by rattling it out of my chest. AMAZING! 

Multiple trips to the fair with different family members. Grammy and the flower garden. Mom, Dad and the Aunties for farm animal fun and overspending w/ the fair creepies. 

Negative memories: my friend Micheal's brother breaking his leg skateboarding at the park, the ambulance coming to get Grandpa Strawn and never coming back with him and losing my cat Bandit.