map of collaboration and co-working

map of collaboration and co-working - student project

map of collaboration and co-working - image 1 - student project

So this is the painted version i did, adding only the canals and a few streets. im not thrilled with it, im thinking it needs more texture. the map is just to add a sense of place to the picture. what i will do is scan it then lighten it and add the "places" as layers, the type and title will be more of the focus than the actual map. for this reason im contemplating just using a really basic made up map....

 I am a color lover so working with just shades of blue is hard but i wanted to play on Delft pottery to further express the  sense of place. thats why the buildings are purposely simplistic.


map of collaboration and co-working - image 2 - student project

So, this is my basic hand drawn map that i sketched out as a start for my final project. i can all ready see that i might have a problem fitting in all the elements i want to add. and i had to change the way that i was going to write the "places" because there are so many streets...


i started with one project in mind but I'm not sure what direction this will take...

why am i making this map? as a visual guide to what my business represents.

why am i the expert for this map because it's my idea ;) im sure that in the process i will discover things new things, so it's a learning tool as well.

who is my target audience? people in my network, potential collaborators/ buyers

what elements will it need, names, locations, etc? my idea is more conceptual but i think i will use some landmarks to ground it and be pretty close to the actual layout of the city as possible. there are many streets and canals so i may simplify it a little

final project printed or digital? held.. probably both. i'll put it on the blog and im thinking of ways to use it as marketing for workshops or events

dear classmates i need your help/guidance on how to....

woohoo! i got a 76% on the quiz, makes me feel better when i always say "that painting is $2500?! a monkey could do that..."