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make peace with resistance + fuel your creative output

I got struck with a bolt of lightning a few weeks ago. After witnessing myself struggle with a whole host of business building components during the first couple years of being a newbie freelancer something shifted.

My business was no longer about me. (Thank God- I know!)

Suddenly I understood exactly what I was meant to give to others: practical strategies + personal stories + powerful sight while FULLY supporting as they face the adventure + challenges of building a life + business full of heart.

So I gathered up all my struggles and triumphs created a workshop to...

1. bring awareness + understanding around the universal experience of resistance

2. create community and empathy for the challenges

3. give real ways to work with resistance

4. help folks better connect and invoke their creative inspiration

5. support them FULLY in bringing their MAGIC front and center

It was a smashing success and now I want to really grow and refine the scope. This involves a better opt-in mini-workshop giveaway + future workshops + killer ebook (self published).

The original workshop url is @

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The Business Model 1.0

I currently create revenue through web projects, 1 on 1 consulting and group teaching. I am not looking to change this, only free myself up more to do MORE of this work and not the background stuff. I am ready to expand into more "products" or books but at this point I love providing an incredible level of service to my clients.

My signature ingredient is FULLY supporting folks as they build a life + business full of heart. I combine technical zippy skills, creativity, real world smarts and an intuitive approach to give others a deep hold beneath the hold as they develop themselves and bring their own vision to life.


Freelancer vs. Entrepreneur 2.0

Currently I am an over-taxed freelancer who is ready to hire the right assistant and support to free me up for increased creative production time + teaching. I am committed to hiring the best and right help, not the cheapest.

Funding 3.0

My business from the get go has had a NO DEBT policy. I grow / involve or invest in my business and projects from the revenue I bring in (from clients). This means that the pressure lies with me to create something valuable and worthwhile for folks to part with money for. I prefer this model as I don't have the added pressure of debt + have creative freedom.

Hiring 4.0

  • Who are the first employees you need?

I need virtual support. Someone to help keep me better organized, to field incoming emails and requests, to edit my terrible spelling and grammatical errors + have an awesome ability with Basecamp, Mailchimp, Squarespace. Above all I need them to be a responsive, caring, excellent communicator.

  • Where will you find them?

I believe I will start with my social media presence and put the call out from there.

  • Why would they join you?

Freedom, independence, they invested in the idea of helping others build a business and life full of heart, they get to contribute their genuis to support me where I lack (I'd let them FLY here and guide ME).

Also? Because I care about people. I'm expressive and OPEN- it would be a partnership of mutual care, communication and support. I need it to put my best work out there and so I'd honor this person support me to do so.

  • How will you tell the good ones apart from the convenient ones?

They are experienced and better in technology, editing and organization that I.

  • After hiring people, how will you evaluate them?

I'd like to have a monthly check in-what's working, what's not, how can we adjust, shift or change the flow? I'm flexible and responsive and NOT stuck to a particular way. Hopefully they would have great insight to better operate within those areas.

  • How long after starting will you give people a formal review?

30 days seems appropriate.

  • What's your approach for talking about the uncomfortable?

Having a standing check-in allows for the opportunityto address anythign uncomfortable on both ends. I'm not new to collaboration + a strength of mine is considerate communication, expression and allowing others to have a voice and perspective.

  • Are you asking people to do work that's been done before, or to explore the edges of a new universe?

Good question. A little bit of both. My work is pushing the edges- allowing independent folks create lives and business full of heart + soul in the digital world. That is no easy task. Meaning and purpose is embedded in the work itself. So in some way it has not been done and then on the other hand, it has ALL been done before.


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