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maine-ly green - student project

July 28


I am working on a banner called Mainly Green for a blogger. 


A blogger documenting her move from downtown Manhattan to Camden Maine for her new endeavor as a line cook at a sustainable farm. And now she's moving back to Manhattan and documenting this.


–To connect with family and friends to share her experiences, her decadent and healthy recipes and her passion for sustainable produce.

–To promote a balanced lifestyle through exercise and food.

–To balance indulgences with healthy eating and taking care of yourself.

–The blogger is interesting in publishing her own cookbook and connecting with foodies.


Minimal, rustic style... with handwritten elements...


my new roots, sprouted kitchen, chalkboard, goop Color Subtle greens greys with splash here and there of bold color The photographs are the main star

Tagline Learning to live sustainably for your environment and yourself...



Women ages 25-45 –Professional, aspirational, recreational cooks and bakers that have an interest in organic, whole foods, healthy living –College educated –Foodies –Locale: urban and rural. Those who appreciate city/country lifestyle

Following are some jpegs of ideas....boring. I left room to include her name in the banner as well......It lacks personality so am ready to come up with something more unique and would like to incorporate illustration into the lettering.

maine-ly green - image 1 - student project

maine-ly green - image 2 - student project

maine-ly green - image 3 - student project

swipe...after all this though.....Im going to play with my linoleom block and cut the letters from that. for next time.

maine-ly green - image 4 - student projectmaine-ly green - image 5 - student projectmaine-ly green - image 6 - student projectmaine-ly green - image 7 - student project

maine-ly green - image 8 - student project

living jen is a blog based on healthy vegetarian living. Working on a banner/logo enhancement/color scheme for the website. 

1. I'd like to work on the typography and add more interest to the look with texture..  

2. Work on the color scheme. 

3. Incorporate the logo into a banner that uses a would need to find type to complement the logo.

Swipe from the internet

Color schemes to choose from....specifically shades of green and orange

maine-ly green - image 9 - student project

maine-ly green - image 10 - student project

maine-ly green - image 11 - student projectmaine-ly green - image 12 - student project


maine-ly green - image 13 - student project

maine-ly green - image 14 - student project

maine-ly green - image 15 - student project


Spatters incorporated into the banner.....water color texture incorporated into the logo....

maine-ly green - image 16 - student project

maine-ly green - image 17 - student project


Color: I really want to work on and alternative option for that brown color this evening. The green doesn't bother me.

Texture: I will incorporate texture either to the letters....considering printing them and cutting them out, along with her photo and using pieces of paper collaged instead of the photo background...I think that's where I am going with this piece...I don't like the background, however it seemed like a possibility since Im under the gun!

Scale: And now that Im looking at this the logo's way too BIG! ...?

Questions: Is it acceptable to have versions of a logo that are horizontal even though for her social media avatars she would use the stacked version?

maine-ly green - image 18 - student project

maine-ly green - image 19 - student project