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hello everyone!

This is my first class on here and i'm really excited to start! Recently i've felt that my greyscale to color rendering has been trouble-some and i hope this clears up a few things for me! 


THE COLORS ARE DONE. This was a pretty big challage for me. I will add textures late bur for the most part this has been successful for me which I'm happy for.



I've started on the color. I'm pretty please with the color selection. still pretty bad at skin but this looks better than my past attempts.



AND THE GREYSCALE IS DONE. man this was definitely not easy but i did enjoy the challange. now onto the color! 



So this is very very fun. I realized the hair is hard. I was about to do the area around the face but the free flowing strands is a totally different story. i'll have to come back and work on it more later. This is what I have so far. made the back ground dark since my shading is on the lighter side and i can see the lighter shades of grey better.



I've started the shading process. I didn't really like the hard round brush (but i never really have) so i went with a different brush that had a bit of a paint brush texture to it. maybe when i need to define more between the different objects i'll use the hard brush more but for the shading i'll be using a differen brush.




I've decided to create this character althought i feel that his legs are angled weirdly compared to the rest of the body. still going to try and keep fixing it but soon i'll be starting the shading!


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