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lovely inky fingers



lovely inky fingers

Hello out there!
My new calligraphy website is online:

Check it out!

hi guys,

I'm looking forward to your likes for my facebook page - Fingertips - Calligraphy Art & Design:

or you can follow my blog:

XOXO, Karin


birthday present & congrats for a new home (traditional with salt and bread)

here some of my recent work:

hi guys,

you can follow my projects from now on at:


here another fun project:

finally .... here my finished logo - what do you think?

hi guys,

i'm back with my "fingertips" logo - the first time i didn't use ink :)

after hours finishing it in photoshop here my result:

here another try - with some more watercolor

here another composition with the vectorized file - the only thing i don't like is, that the details get lost so it doesn't look handwritten anymore ... anyone with experience in vectorizing?
(i did it in illustrator with the tracing tool )

so, finished with vecorizing

here the result of my first quote scanned and optimized in photoshop; a very time consuming thing but i needed a break from developing my fingertips logo :) - next step would be to vectorize it ... coming soon

hi - i'm just freeking out a little bit - i'm trying to develop a logo for my new blog "fingertips" and a can't decide if i should combine the "t" with the "i" or the "t" with the "s" at the end?

What do you guys think?

sorry for the bad picture quality, but i was in a hurry ;)

who finds the missing "is"? :)

here my first attempt with watercolors - i love to mix these colors to create fantastic color gradients, but it's a little bit tricky to find the right consistency between color and water. picture no. 2 is a example from the book modern calligraphy from molly suber thorpe, which i can recommend as additional reference book.

is there anyone who tried calligraphy using water color?

did some fun stuff today - gift tags for "thank you" and "happy birthday" presents :) unfortunately with some mistakes ..... so deeply into calligraphy that i forget about the letters :D it's truly meditation to me!

someone else who discovers such "surprises" when the work is finished?

hi guys,

i can't stop myself from writing quotes all over and over again - it's a real obsession to me! here another quote :) this time in my native language - german.

i definitely need to buy some more different nibs, papers, inks to satisfy my addiction to calligraphy soon.

hi there,

i made my first greeting card for mothers day! yes, it's quite simple but i think it fits perfect to the elegant card with my self made photograph :) also one of my hobbies!

hi guys,

i'm back with an new quote which i tried to write in three different styles: very curly, condensed and extended. this time i used the zebra g nib, which is quite similar to the nikko g nib, but it's not as stiff as the nikko and with the zebra you can create thicker downstrokes. the handling with thin upstrokes is more difficult with the zebra g nib, i have always troubles with thin upstrokes - because of my shaky hands - anyone with an advice for that problem?

What do you guys think about this quotes? :)

guess in this quote it should be "life" instead of "live", but Mr. Stephen Chbosky said so ...

found my writing not modern enough so i tried to make bigger, longer letters - i really love the result

here another quote <3

having some fun with this quote until my cat catched it while drying :)

here my first numbers

i gave my upper case letters another try

i'm getting back to lower case letters, because i'm feeling much more confident writing them :)

my personal feeling of my "style" (it's not a real style by now, but it's different to the template from molly) which i developed, looks old fashioned to me. what can i do to give it a modern look? maybe my letters are a little bit too round?

i'm doing a little bit better on the lower case letters - so i'm trying out the upper case letters - by now, i'm not used to them

here some more free handed lower case letters, i'm still working hard on the letter spacing & angle and i'm trying to keep the look of the letters the same.

first try of lower case letters .... still need some more practice!

just started out with lesson no. 1 and i really really love calligraphy already!!

for me as a right handed overwriter (or something like that) it's quite hard getting used to the right holding of the pen - is there someone with the same problem?

just can't wait getting better! but i know that waiting wouldn't help, so i'm going to practice as much as i can :)


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