love my local

For this project I decided to explore my local cities and towns, to see if I can find new perspectives on things that I see and take for granted every day.  All images shot with VSCOcam on my iphone5.


10/19/13 Today I worked on cropping, exposures, lines and thirds. 

I sat below this blue lantern during lunch.  I used cropping to reduce the distraction and to bring out the wood panel lines.


The marsh had nice lines but there were distracting elements in the foreground, so I cropped it to a wide view.  I also reduced the exposure.  The stream is on a third and brings your eye to the distance.



For the island image, I experimented with the exposure until I got an interesting mix of  blue water and cloud definition with reduced exposure.  I don't mind losing the detail in the island in order to get the mood of the sky.


In this image I tried to capture the lines of the clouds as well as the sun in the left third of the frame.





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