There is good wind allowing the catamaran to sail smoothly through the sparkling water. The wind was deceiving, the kind that allows one to spend hours in the sun avoiding the discomfort of smelly, sweaty armpits leaving Jason with peeling burns and a dollop of self-pity. His own fault for not putting on any sun cream, something at 24 years old one would expect to be a job able to do by oneself. Jason, one of four children he has a twin who would be described by others as the nicer one, a forgiving person with a high tolerance for Jason's antics. Jason lacks motivation he has potential but is inherently lazy. His parents are both amazing and flawed, their flaws became apparent once he realised his own, they are rather much the same. 

"Jason will you please help with something please darling” pleads his mother wilfully. “You have not helped at all since we set sail”. Jason first tries to reply with silence… “Jason! Come and help in the cabin please” Jason rolls his head forward from the net of the catamaran and wills his limbs to follow in a zombie-like fashion. He also wonders why being asked to do the job of cleaning bothers him, is the task boring? Or would he be equally unresponsive to fixing up the sail? Or is it that he is being asked by his mother. Why does he not help out on by his own accord, why can’t he be bothered? 

Anyhow he makes his way down ti the cabin engaging in all the tedious tasks that were asked of him. The family pulls up to a nearby island for lunch tucking into some wine and sandwiches. They play cards together, Rummikub. After some time things begin to wind down and Jasons twin Andrew and their dad Paul decide on a night sail. Paul in his element, a veteran of the sea and a proud dad after his son completed a maritime university course. Jason has the watch from 8-12 so he gets some kip for the afternoon. He rises for his watch some 20 minutes early taking a cup of coffee to the cockpit to greet his siblings. “Ill take it from here guys, you can go to bed,” says Jason.” We should wait for mum to be safe so you are together” replies his sister.

“No it's cool, I'll be alright head on to bed”. His siblings agree and go to their cabins. Jason looks up at the stars with his coffee in hand, he is pensive and enjoying the sound of the sea, he unzips his trousers for a pee without his harness strapped in. Then suddenly the boat hits a big wave, Jason tumbles into the sea, he rises with utter shock calling for the boat but he is already too far. He quickly acknowledges the severity of the situation and expects for the worse. 

Solid ground is what Jason felt under his body, surprisingly. He must’ve fallen asleep at sea but he was now beached on a remote island. Waves covering his body and face bringing him to a panicked awakening, he gathers himself, he is hungry and thirsty and the sun is beating down on him unapologetically. He stands up and begun to shout and scream, sobbing to no one but the sun, sea and sand. He thinks of movies, youtube videos he’s watched of people lost at sea and begins to think of the worst. He gets up abruptly and begins to walk, along the coast with an idea of figuring out how big this island is. He sees trees and jungle, no coconuts just yet but in this climate, he is sure they are here. ‘You stupid idiot’ he thinks to himself ‘I didn’t think this sort of thing would actually happen to me, things usually work out for me… ow!’ He steps on a crab and without hesitation picks it up and crushes it in his hand, ‘lunch I guess’ he says and puts it in his pocket. Then he thinks for a second that he is glad he was wearing his swimming trunks that have pockets and not the ones without, then he how on earth he is glad about that given his current situation. 

Jason is now resting by a tree on another part the island, he thinks it is small but he cannot tell. He is low. Sitting there he begins to assess himself, his flaws, his laziness, how impatient and careless he can be. ‘Right that’s it” he remarked, hi punched his hand into the sand. "I am going to survive, I am going to be bear fucking Grylls, I will live out my entire life here if I have to and I will be good at it. I will show absolutely nobody that I am not lazy and I am worth something.” It was at this point his vision came black, moments later a sharp light pierced into his eyes he did not know what was going on but a few more moments later and he could picture his family. It seemed they were all standing over him with rather worried faces, he was lying on a hospital bed. “You alright hunny”  said his mum. “Oh thank god for that,” he said