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Ayl A.

Northern California

Brand: l'orchestre

Slogan: Livest & Reignest

L'orchestre (The Orchestra) represents you, your friends, your family, and your future. Our motto is to live and reign. The logo that you see above is highly inspired by the seal of St. Benedict. This image plays a big roll in the way I live, which is not highly religiously but live in a way where I make my own rules and set my own boundries. Just how St. Benedict did by taking "The Rule of the Master" and putting his two cents in and recalling it "Rule of Saint Benedict." Like in the fashion world, rules are ment to be broken. And to "livest and reignest" is to keep your fire burning and to visualize yourself prevailing. I went with an organic feel with the logo, something that looked loose and not so uptight. The look I was aiming to acheive is the balance between carelessness while maintaining a handful of power. Moving downwards to the typeface, I chose something that had a great balance between thick and thin. A typeface that could stick it out for the long run as a timeless look. I could tell you what font it is, but no one should really give a shit as long as it's visually pleasing. Lastly this brand will always represent California as a whole, not just a specific city in California. Simple as that!

 There you have it. L'ORCHESTRE of California. 

nothing special. Just mock ups and fuckery for now. Keep an eye out for me in the long run.  So many ideas, so little time and no funds. Enjoy.


Livest & Reignest cotton shorts:

White on white "Dead Eyes" shorts:

Subtle cross chain buckle:

Shirt mock ups: 

You get the picture on the direction this collection is going for. 100% polyester sublimation and what not. 

I know its not much, but hey I had hella fun completing all this last minute. Win or lose, I'll see you at Agenda. Thanks Jeff for this opportunity.

More to come!


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