live light

live light - student project

"Live Light" is basically a mantra that I try to instill in my daily lifestyle and in mind and body. It's a constant reminder to let go, be free, appreciate life's pleasures, as well as tackle its challenges with lightness as they come. 

live light - image 1 - student projectSo, after a bunch of sketching, I took to this direction the most. I wanted to really focus on composition rather than ornamentation for a first go, which could be a later addition down the road! (Also sorry for the lack of quality in the image...I need to invest in a scanner!) I've already jumped to Illustrator in excitedness to clean up my lines and curves and I wanted to get to uploading to get some feedback as I'm illustrating. 

I'm also very aware of some imperfections, like I would like the L's to be the same height as I'm working on cleaning that up in illustrator. I may also experiment with adding more flourishes and whatnot and possibly filling in the thick areas of the letters, though that might take away from the "lightness"! 

Please let me know your thoughts/criticisms on the sketch so far. Everyone's work is looking awesome so far!

Thanks! :) 


Update #1:

live light - image 2 - student project

I'm so excited by just the way the line version came out. I'm going to be moving onto the next phase of going into Photoshop and adding texture/depth to play around some more, but just wanted to upload the basic piece to show you guys my progress!


Update #2:

live light - image 3 - student project

Played around with some fun colors/textures in Photoshop and ended up with this! Also, I tweaked the T a little bit to make it match my original sketch better. This was a lot of fun, and I learned so many things along the way. I already can't wait to keep going.