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Hello friends!

My name is Julia, I'm currently living in beautiful Whistler and my home town is Melbourne, Australia.

I'm extremely passionate about the power of possibility. I live and breathe vision & goals, its what really lights me up. I love the personal power they create for me and my life.

I am most inspired when I empower others to live a life they love. I love to work out what makes you tick, to clear self limiting beliefs, dig deep into your unique set of passions and strengths to discover your purpose. Im convinced that we all have a unique calling, and that we can make our dream jobs our day jobs!

I am fortunate to work for lululemon athletica, and have done so for the past three and a half years. I have learnt so much and felt so inspired through my time with this incredible company, and now its time for me to give back to the community. . .  It's time to play big!

I aim to start my own business, providing a mix of life coaching, vision creation and goal setting. This is where this project comes in! 

My Mission - to provide the space, tools and coaching to empower people to live a life they love.

My Vision - 

  • Inspire people to follow their passions through my authentic communication.
  • Provide the tools and inspiration for people to create their dream life and to start living it.  
  • Defining what is authentically important to people, and then setting out to make it happen. Because a vision without goals is merely a dream.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to sharing this journey with you.


** UPDATE:  As an addition to this project, and as the first step in achieving my BHAG, I have just launched my blog 'LOVE YOUR LIFE'.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please check out the link below:



power of knowing what you want:


findings from my interviews:

  • I inspire others through my contageious positivity and living big
  • I sometimes need to give myself the same cheer sqad that i give others
  • communicate with and contributing to the community lights me up
  • helping others get clear on their life's work is when I'm most inspired
  • i have high expectations of people and sometimes get dissapointed when theyre not met
  • that i can start my own successful business doing what i love to do
  • everyone wishes me motherhood and creating my own family


my vision 

i wake up to the sound of the ocean waves and smell the salt air through my open bedroom window. My husbands strong arms are wrapped around me, i love waking up next to him everyday. I slip out of bed while the family are still sleeping, grab my yoga mat and step out onto our deck overlooking the water. There are trees all around our house and i can hear the lovely sounds of the birds waking up. After my yoga and meditation practice, i make myself a green smoothe for breakfast and pour out glasses for my man and kids - they love them too! I make my kids a healthy homemade lunch for school and my husband drops them off on his way to work. They love having this time together to bond every morning.

When the house is quiet and empty I shower and prepare myself for the day ahead. Im organising one of my wellness retreats (this time in tropical Bali) focusing on self empowerment, vision and goals. I am colloborating with my favourite yoga instructor and a local organic chef to create a truly inspring getaway for our guests. I have 20 people coming and am so excited for it! I work from my home office for a few hours, organising the retreat, goal coaching appointments, workshops and public speaking events. I love the freedom and flexibility working for myself has created. Im so glad I made the scary leap and started this ten years ago! 

I grab my gorgeous dog (we rescued her from the pound), jump on my push bike and cruise down to my local cafe where Im meeting a client. The sun is out, my community is buzzing and I smile at everyone I pass. We chat over almond chai lattes, and I still cant believe I get paid to do this! My client has grown in leaps and bounds since our sessions together, this is what keeps me inspired and loving what i do everyday. 

After our meeting I head to my pilates class at my favourite studio. My body is strong and fit, i havent had a back injury in years. After class I swing by the local farmers market and stock up on fresh seasonal fruit and veggies to take home. They know me and my dog by name which makes me smile. I enjoy trying new things and learning how to create something healthy and delicious. 

Everyday I meet my sister and best friends to pick up the kids from school. I chat to the other mums and dads at the school gate, I have buit great relationships with the other families. The kids come running out to meet us and we all head to the beach to catch the afternoon sunshine. We paddleboard, snorkel, build sandcastles or play beach cricket. I swim some laps as Im training for my ocean water swim coming up next month. Swimming is like active meditation for me. I see fish, beautiful shells and even a sting ray on my swim today. As i come into shore i hear squeals of laughter from the kids, someone has thrown a jellyfish at someone else! I love living by the water, and never take my lifestyle for granted.

My hubby has got off early today and has come down for a surf before the sun sets. I watch him ride the waves and admire the man I call my husband and soulmate. He is so caring, generous and charming. He has a strong sense of who he his and what he wants out of life, we compliment eachother perfectly. He makes me laugh every single day and I have never felt so loved. He is an incredible father to our kids, and contributor to the community around us. 

We walk home from the beach, salt dripping from our hair and sand on our feet. We wash off in our outdoor shower and then the kids get stuck into their homework. I make a couple of calls and answer some emails before helping my man prepare tonights feast. We have our best friends coming over for dinner to share the huge snapper we caught on the weekend fishing. We love entertaining out on the deck surrounded by our big garden, it always feels like a special event. Big wooden tables, comfy cushions, candles, fairy lights, music and laughter. Our friends let themselves in (everyone feels at home here) and pop open a bottle of sparkling wine while the kids go and play in the tree house together. We catch up on life, our dreams, goals and adventures. We cherish our special friendships and are so blessed to have amazing people in our lives. 

Once dinner is over and our friends have left, we tuck the kids into bed and read them their favourite bedtime story (or my man makes one of his own tales up - they love that!). We tell them how amazing they are, and how much we love them before kissing them goodnight and slinking back out of the room. They sleep peacefully and dream big. 

We walk back to the beach together and watch the last of the sunset. The waves are gently lapping the shoreline as we walk hand in hand and talk about our upcoming family safari through Africa. I  breathe in the fresh ocean air and soak up the beauty of this moment. I love my life and have never felt more fulfilled. I feel invigorated, inspired and have a strong sense of purpose. I am excited to see what the next ten years bring.


my goals



- My family and I travel overseas annually, volunteering and contributing to the communities we visit

- I live mindfully and have increased my speed of recovery (to above the line) to under 30 mins.


I have complete freedom of movement, my body is strong, flexible and injury free

we eat 70% organic, vegetarian local produce


I host an empowering wellness retreat bi-annually that delivers a combination of life coaching, vision & goals, yoga and nutrition

- vision & goals is part of the Australian education system curriculum 


- we live in a 4 bedroom home by the ocean and have a comfortable mortgage

- we live our lives & travel debt free (minus our home mortgage)



we set family vision & goals twice a year

- my circle of influence is full of positive, authentic and successful people


I exercise daily without hesitation, i love my body

I invest in my health through remedial massage, meditation and physio


I have developed a training program to educate others to lead my work

- I lead complimetary workshops for the underprivellaged, at risk or disadvantaged members of my community


we have purchased our first home with 20% deposit

- we have created savings accounts for each of our children, contrubuting 5% of our income annually



i am in a loving, committed relationship with a wonderful man

i rescue a dog & walk her on the beach daily


i complete a 200hr yoga teacher training to develop my own self-practice

i am a confident surfer


i am the head of Leadership & Development for lululemon AUS/NZ

i lead my business's first vision & goals workshop with 50 attendees


i have saved $10,000 for a house deposit

- i am earning $70 per coaching session


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