littlej [t-shirt] project

littlej [t-shirt] project - student project

littlej [t-shirt] project - image 1 - student project

Hey Everybody!

First of all, I am having so much fun looking through these projects - so many different ideas and so much talent.

My name is Jessica Hurley. I studied Graphic Design at Salisbury University in Maryland and I’m currently employed in the sign department at a beer wholesaler. (

As the ‘go-to’ designer friend, I have made my fair share of tees for spring break, bachelorette parties, fundraisers, & 10k’s, but I’ve gotten restless and recently decided to get something started for myself.

The littlej project was born in the form of handmade bracelets and an etsy store.


littlej [t-shirt] project - image 2 - student project

...and while I love a good arm party, the littlej project was always about more than bracelets - just getting something/a brand started that I could take anywhere. So I’m starting from the beginning with the littlej tees. I am also obsessed with clothes so this is going to be fun.

So here are some things I've done....

littlej [t-shirt] project - image 3 - student project


Top row - designs for an OBX vacation with friends.  Bottom left - aforementioned Bachelorette tanks. and bottom right - some additional random designs I've played with.

and HERE is a sort of a mood board/assortment of things/designs I LOVE - that are NOT MINE....

littlej [t-shirt] project - image 4 - student project

Chaser LA, Clover Canyon (i think),  unknown, Jung Amerika, Maya Hayuk (background), UNIF.

Color, neons, stars, dreams, shapes, textures, cats, mixed media, tribal, patriotic = all things I love.

So what am I going to do for my t-shirt project? I'm thinking of doing a fashion illustration of a girl's face. A free-spirited festival loving barefoot girl with lots of flowers in her hair. My usual aesthetic is quite simple and driven by geometric shapes so this should be interesting.

I realize I haven't quite defined my brand/lifestyle, and that truly is the hardest part for me. I'm going for something along the lines of "young & wild & free" (thanks snoop).

I am really looking forward to working with everybody and seeing what we come up with. So much talent here!  Thanks Chris for extending your time and talent to some newbies :)



littlej [t-shirt] project - image 5 - student project

littlej [t-shirt] project - image 6 - student project

I'm happy with the illustration... but I'm just not sure it's right for a t-shirt.  I'd like it to be more understated as a graphic. More of pretty design then just like OH that's a face.  WIll probably just keep playing around with colors, maybe lose black all together.  Maybe more flowers.  Just not so sure about this floating head...


Added some more to my design. This has some ways to go, but I figured I should post the progress thus far since the class is technically over.

littlej [t-shirt] project - image 7 - student project