little story of happy me making the cover of the story of the three little pigs

Lisa, thank you for your work. You really do motivate me to learn more, get new skills and not give up on my dream of paying the bills by being an illustrator. 

My letter to editor:

Dear Sally, 

Thanks for contacting me. I’m a huge fun of children books of Swanky Publishing so i’m excited to get started on this project. But before i sign up for work i’d appreciate if you to clarify a few moments: 

1) You wrote that my style fits that story and you need illustration to be with "modern edge” which i didn’t quiet understand. Do you want a very little of details, flat image in clear colors? Should it look similar to the cover of russian fairytales (link to the image) from my portfolio? 

2)  Will you be comfortable to max 3 rounds of changes for the final artwork? 

3) Will you need me to make interior illustrations? If so what the deadline, quantity and fee for that phase? 

4) In what format illustrations should be done and how i should deliver them to you? 

Sorry if i messed up with grammar (eng is not my native language). Feel free to call me +7---------- 

Best regards, 

Dasha Kot.






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