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I started my blog in November 2015 because I needed to post assignments for my Parsons Fashion Industry Essentials Online Certificate. Creating blog posts was the way to submit assignments for grading. If you look back on my archive the first 15 or so posts are all about my experience with Parsons and the assignments themselves. Completing that program (which did talk about social media, branding and blogging) did inspire me to continue my blog post certificate.


I didn't start consistently blogging until about a month after I finished the certificate. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to talk about, how I was going to take pictures, write content and in general make an original, creative blog.

I started doing beauty posts because it was easier to take photos; even though my initially intention was to create a fashion blog. After I started posting every Tuesday and Thursday, I named my blog, LISA-MARIE KISS | Beauty | Fashion | Career | Lifestyle | because those were the topics I wanted to create content for.


After blogging for about 2 months consistently and telling my friends about my blog (which was the best decision because they are very helpful and have amazing ideas) I have now renamed the blog to; Lisa-Marie Kiss, a lifestyle blog.


I decided to make that change because my blog is a creative space where I talk about my lifestyle and fortunately others have enjoyed my posts and share some of the same interests as me. Topics like fashion, beauty, travel, wellness etc. can all be categorized under lifestyle (at least in my opinion.)

After the 2 months I have re-branded my blog to represent all the categories of lifestyle to keep my writing and sponsorship options open to a variety of opportunities.



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