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lions don't lose sleep…

"Lions don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep."

I picked this quote because I saw it slapped onto a photo a few weeks ago and it resonated with me at the time. I looked for a better rendition of it, which I couldn't find, so I felt like it deserved some attention. It also has a good number of words to play with. I'm imagining it on a T-shirt or button.

I went through my old Solotype Catalog and online sources for reference, focusing on font inspiration as I want to keep it pretty simple and focus on rendering the type.

I mostly used my thumbnails to figure out structure and heirarchy of the words, while starting to determine the type styles I want to use.

Once I got to a place I was happy with in thumbnails, I then did the warm-up sketches. I'm not looking to get illustrative/representational on this project, so I focused more on rendering different type styles. Initially I was thinking I might just skip the warm-up step, but once I was ready to move to sketches, I really wanted the opportunity to practice. Looking back on these now, I see many of the mistakes I made, which I think will be helpful moving forward.

My first sketch wasn't feeling right—maybe the sans serif type used for the bulk of the quote isn't interesting enough or it's too heavy? I like the type for LION and SHEEP in the second/third sketches, but the rest of the type is feeling a bit wispy and unstructured in both instances. I think I need to reevaluate the type to figure out a style that's going to feel the way I want and do at least one more sketch.

I did another sketch and inked this version from that. It was nice to see the type in dark black ink, but I realized I hadn't been as diligent as I needed to be in the sketches as I saw various aspects that needed to be corrected.

I opted to make corrections in the computer, which is more forgiving and flexible than ink on paper. It also seemed to help me look at it more objectively and fine tune it easier. In that process of correcting my mistakes, I learned a lot about what I need to watch for next time.

To finish up the project, I applied the art to a black T-shirt to see it as a finished product.


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