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Lewis Latham




Really enjoyed getting into this project. Learned lots of new techniques in the process.

Because I loved Georges jumping fox so much I felt I had to do another animal in a similar style. These were the photos of a jumping lion I used.

Unfortunatly I didn't have any tracing paper at home :( I instaid traced over the lions in illustrator with my new wacom tablet I got for my birthday! Some of them looked god dam awful but I found one I eventually liked and went of to improve the shape of it.

I tried my hardest with that shape to make something which looked like a lion, this stage was quite frustrating because I didn't feel I was getting anywhere but I tried my hardest not to give up!

These are the final results! Really pleased with the final product. I messed around with the gradient tool which I felt went to good affect.

Thanks for looking at my project and please give me feedback!


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