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Wendy Pratama

Founder of lingkaran




lingkaran is a circle of creative sharing community.

(lingkaran means circle in Bahasa Indonesia)

We are focused on creative industry, for sharing knowledge, experiences, & idealistic. It is a real-world projects based, that teach you an applicable skills and programs that aren't taught in formal school as well as give you a hands-on experience. We try to create a sustainable learning process by make it inline with communty based. And we will make it through learning and opportunity in creative, technology, and business subjects.

Now, we're only doing offline classes. We arrange a 'meeting' from the creatives expertist to meet people who actually want to learn from them. And the responses and giveback is quite good until now. But,
suddenly model like us did is quite popular only in my city, meanwhile in other cities, people are craving for this classes & workshops.
Since I learned some inspiring classes in skillshare and dig deep in to what's skillshare all about, it brought me the idea to make lingkaran to become an online class/workshop, just like skillshare (with some adaptation of course).

That's why I took this class.

User Stories

  • As an idealistic expertist: I want to share my stories, as well as my knowledge, experience, and idealistic but there're no platforms except formal school/course. But I don't want to make myself bound with it.
  • As a formal student or fresh graduate: I want to learn something that can fill in the gap between formal school and real/professional world.
  • As a freelancer: I want to learn to be advance in independent project and leveling myself up. either from topics that I mastered, as well as topics that I want to mastered.
  • As a professional: I want to learn something that can make myself leveling up at job or transitioning to a new career, while I can fill my spare time with something useful.
  • As a entrepreneur: I want to learn something that can make me and my business grows well and understand the business world better so can figure out "What should I do now?".

The Wizard of Oz

Now, we're making an on-ground class. We're the middleman for Creatives who wanna teach and Creatives who wanna learn. In this first phase, we approach the well-known mentor who already have their own groupies, while growing our brand recognition and spreading wider reach. We also collect inputs and feedbacks and researching what the market needs and how to deliver it.

LEGO Pieces

Actually we've already have a website, but still in Beta version. And with recent adjustments, I think that our previous website will not work. So here is pieces that will fit into our website:

  • Wufoo sounds great (I want to try it later), but now we're using Typeform.
  • I'm interested with Strikingly and Weebly for a kickass website
  • For the database I'll try Google docs spreadsheets
  • For now, we're still using offline payment, but since we're planning to go online, Recurly seems great
  • For delivering our emails, we're using Mailchimp

The Magic of Wordpress

This is actually what I'm looking for. A site builder that can make anything possible. I'll describe what I need one by one:

  • Membership Site
  • Community Portal / Social Network
  • E-learning Site
  • Mobile Apps


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