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Wendy Pratama

Founder of lingkaran



lingkaran Kopi Luwak Tasting class

Hi Skillshare!

I want to tell you about our emails that we send to our customers every class registration are open.

But before that, let me introduce you to my startup. lingkaran is a circle of creative sharing community. Our service is a complete package of sequence provided for those who are passionate to become creativepreneurs. We work as a social-networked learning community that engaged to creative industry. In purpose of value-adding and self-development, we will make it through learning and opportunity in design, technology, and business.

Subject Line: Kopi Luwak Tasting

Pre-header Text: lingkaran Collaboration Class 1st April 2015

The results of this campaign were the open rate and the click rate was still below average and my target. 

I'd love to hear all of your feedback for this campaign.

Thank you so much! And good luck to you all on your campaigns.

Also thanks to Allyson, MailChimp and Skillshare!


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