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Thanks to some friendly advice on Instagram, I finally selected my 100 day project for this year - photos reflecting my life. One to three per day.

I had considered writing a poem every day or working on a picture book I want to put together or trying some type of art. The first year, inspired by Rich’s doodle a day class, I did a random word doodle all 100 days. I would have gone back to that but it’s hardly a challenge project as I do a random word doodle every day as part of my routine. (Anyone who is not familiar with it needs to check out the Random Word Doodle app.)

So this year I’ll be snapping photos of something that is part of my day every day. From going shopping - the photo above I took on the way to the grocery store - to cleaning the bathroom, I’ll take a phone pic and post it for that day. I’m hoping that will be less of a struggle than an art or writing project in the midst of author forum and book signing and rehearsals for a play. The 100 Day Project came at a SERIOUSLY bad time this year. 

Who knows? One day I might just post a photo of an art piece I did that day. : ) a1602d79


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