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Becoming a Better Blogger

Hey there, I’m a young organic farmer and foodmaker with a farm fresh food blog, life.homemade.. I share seasonal recipes, food stories, and insights about working on the land and food habits that are sustainable for our planet, our bodies, and our communities. I hope to emphasize the important cultural and spiritual role good, fresh food provides for us as well as the physical nutritional benefits. Making and sharing good, honest food is my passion, and I hope to share my love with viewers.

1. Describe the Purpose

Main purpose of my blog:

  • Maintain a personal and shared log of my favorite recipes and experiences.
  • Practice and improve upon my writing style.
  • Maintain an ongoing creative outlet to share with others.
  • Provide a youthful voice from both the farm and the kitchen to express a more holistic view of food and health in our daily lives.
  • Communicate relevant political, environmental, and social issues involved with certain types of food and agriculture.  
  • Gain freelance writing opportunities involved with sustainable food.
  • in the long term, working towards creating a cookbook.

2. Audience

Demographics of my perceived audience:

  • young(er) folks interested in sustainable food, healthful cooking, and meaningful experience
  • Rural and urban farmers and gardeners
  • Foodies interested in growing and cooking seasonal food
  • People interested in eating a whole foods diet
  • Folks who like to be in nature
  • DIY folks and craftspeople
  • Open to men and women, but probably focused more on the female spectrum.

This is Lyra. She is in her late twenties and she just started working with an urban farm in the Bay Area. She’s new to gardening but enthusiastic about growing food for people in the city. She gets food from the farm for work trade, and sometimes has an abundance of certain types of crops, some of which she has never cooked with before. She likes to cook but wants to expand her horizon on cooking what’s fresh, local, and in season at the time. She goes to the farmer’s market for some of her groceries, even though it is somewhat expensive for her budget. She values good, organic food and feels alright paying a bit more for it. She just picked up Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions about traditional food diets, and is intrigued about the different schools of nutritional philosophy. She grew up on Spaghettios and Taco Bell but wants to move towards a whole foods, localized diet, and maybe someday have her own garden or small farm. She hates the idea of “dieting” and wants to nourish her body with real food.

Some of her close friends have been eating weekly meals together on their rooftop, and she values the connection she finds with sharing food and conversation with them. They bring incredible dishes to share, and she wants to get inspired by new recipes to show off. Her mother and father cooked some delicious Italian meals as a child, and she hopes to cultivate her own cultural food ways to share with family and friends.


I want to inspire readers to try new recipes, and to think about food differently. Or maybe, just to think about the source of our food a bit more and tie it into a more nuanced spectrum of food and health. I like including informative information about history, nutrition, and applications of the food I describe as well as some broader issues involving them. I like to add some personal stories and insights while refraining from making this my online diary, and hope to connect with the readers through the food. I like clean and simple layouts without too many pictures or flourishing words to get down to the content, which is all about the food.


informative - didactic = enlightening

eclectic - silly = whimsical

casual - conversational = accessible

thoughtful - forced = insightful

real - too personal = genuine

4. Smart Goals

My focus now would be to post more often and regularly and garner a larger audience.

  1. Publish 1-2 posts per week that cover new and varied subject matter.
  2. Publish at least 2 freelance pieces by the end of September 2015.
  3. Double the number of followers I have (few) in 3 months.


5. Brand statement

Life. homemade is an enlightening, whimsical, and farm fresh blog focused on providing content about whole foods cooking and healthful living to sustainably-minded folks, inspired new cooks, and anyone who eats to impart an ethos of caring about growing and eating fresh food to optimize overall health, strengthen communities, and deepen cultural connection.

Why are we doing this?

  • To express myself creatively and artistically through food, photograph, and writing.
  • To share my journey of good food with an expansive audience of readers.
  • To improve upon my writing skill to work towards publishing on other sites or in print.
  • To establish myself as an expert on farm to table cooking and whole food nutrition.

By putting in the effort to develop quality content on a regular basis, we plan to:

  • Publish 1-2 posts per week that cover new and varied subject matter.
  • Publish at least 2 freelance pieces by the end of September 2015.
  • Double the number of followers I have (few) in 3 months.

6. Content Pillars

  1. Seasonal Recipes: Sharing recipes that are utilizing what is fresh, local and seasonal along with short stories including personal anecdotes and ingredient information.
  2. Spotlights on ingredients: Delving into one type of food and providing background information and a wide variety of ways to utilize the ingredient.
  3. Food and agriculture issues: Exploring relevant issues involving local and global agriculture, food culture, and nutrition to add depth to every day eating experiences.
  4. Farm updates: Photographs and seasonal updates on activity at the farm or garden, especially if they are related to agricultural issues or recipes.

7. Source Library

  1. I’ve been finding inspiration from the food itself, which naturally brings up unique agricultural and social issues to discuss. Take eggs for example. If I have a great recipe for custards (which I do) I can include the recipe while discussing the implications of industrialized poultry operations, the difference in nutrition between a caged egg and a pastured organic egg, or different ways to utilize eggs in a variety of recipes. After I get inspiration on a subject, I look on Google Scholar and news sources to back up my information.
  2. I also get inspiration from the other farms and food-related organizations I know or am involved in, and the conversation I have with friends and family.
  3. For recipes, I have cookbooks that inspire me, and I often check Food.52 and PInterest for recipes on the web.

Storing: I use Pinterest to store ideas in relevant categories so far.

8. Interview

I know of some folks that live a half an hour away in the countryside that are starting a brewery that utilizes on-site farm ingredients. I would interview the main brewer about their mission, the challenges of starting a rural brewery, and the integration of farm-fresh ingredients. We would also discuss how beer is made, and what its like growing hops, barley, and other brewing ingredients. Then, I’d ask how their structure of brewing differs from some of the large-scale and urban microbreweries.

I’m still working on my calendar, but thought I’d share what I've got so far! More to come...


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