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life stages

i have poor health, so through my life i often have to listen to doctor's instructions about the time i shoud take my pills: strictly before and after the meal. and when i was little i often wondered what if i mixed them up? would it be so bad? what was the difference between that peels after all?

so this was my first thought of 'before and after' theme, but i decided to go deeper and finally ended up with another illustration. here's my brainstorming process: 


it's in russian, but in short - my another ideas were:
1) about the coming of age, overcoming some life stages. when the good or bad times have ended, you're going into the future, you're already 'after', but still looking into that 'before'
2) that feel when you've finished a good book, closed it and went onward, but you feel like you are a new person and still have impressions from it on yor mind

here are more detailed sketches:


i decided to complete the first one and drew parts of my picture separately using roman's method and then added colors in the photoshop

i don't have the light table so i used tracing-paper so you can see how much it wrinkled :(


here's the final piece! 


и снова большое спасибо, роман! за ваши уроки и творчество, которые очень вдохновляют постоянно пробовать новое и создавать что-то свое


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