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leo's first digital drawing experiment

Hi, i usuallly watch the classes here on skillshare to change my mind from my current work (i'm a graphic designer) and get inspired and i don't often practice with the class projects and especially here i thought i could not do it since i do not own any ipad or tablet... but i really enjoyed the class and i thought i could try it on my computer, it is not exactly the same feeling since i drew directly with my trackpad : challenge ! (i don't even have a mouse, i'm a minimalist graphic designer...) so i found an app for mac called sketchbook with quite similar tools as the paper app for ipad and i started... i could have used illustrator but with illustrator i'm used to create sophisticated drawings and perfect geometrical shapes and abstract signs... and i did not want to feel comfortable so that i could experiment. I like the way shantell is not afraid to erase everything or cover with another draw and she is very intuitive so i wanted to be in the same mood and try things without thinking to hard.. this is my first try, step by steps :

like shantell i started with a structure


then as you can see in the beginning i mainly wanted to try out the diferent brushes and tools :



at this point i have some abstract background and i started to want to draw more figurative stuffs, so i drew hands as i often do in my drawings in real life :


then i felt like i really wanted to fill all the surface of the screen and get rid of most of the white parts, then after i would be able to substract wiht the eraser :


then i start substracting and very naturally i felt like i wanted to keep silhouettes emerging from this :


i wanted more space so i get ridd of the one in the middle. and added eyes to the others ; as a lot of people do i'm obsessed with eyes, i put them everywhere.


then i used the duplicate and scale tool. it was not intentional in the beginning but from this point it's more like i am trying to tell a story with those characters, but not a story i choosed first, or not something with just one meaning, more of a story that build itself, piece after piece, and it's wide open to interpretation (sorry if my english sounds weird, i'm french actually)




it is really relaxing and you can let off steam while expressing yourself like that, without trying hard to have a good looking drawing or not thinking about perfect composition or things like that.

no it was full again so i started drawing / erasing again but now with black, like shantell i really enjoy black.


i was enjoying this so much that i forgot to capture a few steps but you can imagine it : i continue to make things disappear into black to isolate some small shapes, then i drew around this shapes with some white pencil to get there :


here it is more illustrative and it is more close to my usual "style" even if it looks very rough, but i know i wanted to stop soon so i wanted the experiment to became an illustration. but what is really nice is that i surprised myself because a lot happen almost by mistake. actually my favorite part of all the drawing is that minimalist square whith the colored shape inside, that could be a good inspiration for a sleeve design, a mix between peter saville and paul cox style.

actually i tried to isolate and duplicate that detail to make a frame out of it but i'm not very sure it was a good idea :


so anyway it is not the drawing of the year but the important i think is not only the result but also the process which i enjoyed a lot, i think i will continue to practice this a lot, because it is a good way to clear my mind and find new ideas, experiment things.. and if there is something i like or found interesting i can still do it again with more sophisticated tools and extract it from here... 

thank you shantell, i also enjoyed a lot your other class, i should share my drawings from this one too.


edit. Test n°2 :

another test...

be carefull the end result is funny but very ugly ! but some steps are nice. but trackpad drawing is limitated.














this cat is an abomination but i enjoyed the steps before.

end of project



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