lemons for dinner *edited

lemons for dinner *edited - student project

lemons for dinner *edited - image 1 - student projectAnother edit: with his mum being rather bad at budgeting, Kitty wasn’t impressed with his dinner that night...

EDIT: pic by kid, gif by mum

lemons for dinner *edited - image 2 - student project

lemons for dinner *edited - image 3 - student project

well... i loved this class & so did my kids :)

lemons for dinner *edited - image 4 - student project

i spent way too long yesterday looking at animation books in archive.org and i stayed up way too late making silly gifs, but it's so fun & i need fun right now, dammit! 

so i found a book online by preston blair (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preston_Blair), who was mary blair (awesome-sauce disney artist)'s brother-in-law, called  "cartoon animation"

 lemons for dinner *edited - image 5 - student project

(if anyone is interested, you can find it here: https://archive.org/details/PrestonBlairCartoonAnimation)

and traced over some screenshots just to see how they'd come out as gifs...

lemons for dinner *edited - image 6 - student project

lemons for dinner *edited - image 7 - student project

lemons for dinner *edited - image 8 - student project

lemons for dinner *edited - image 9 - student project


weird and derpy is how they came out, probably because i'm a bit weird & derpy but i digress...

lemons for dinner *edited - image 10 - student projectDERPY BERB! :D

lemons for dinner *edited - image 11 - student project

lemons for dinner *edited - image 12 - student project


so here's my inchworm, taking the long way 'round - because like me, he's VERY easily distracted and will spend literally days doing 17 other things rather than getting straight to the point/destination/etc (much like what i'm doing right here with my waffling...)

lemons for dinner *edited - image 13 - student project


here's a totally weird one, i tried the page which shows how mouths move (from the above-mentioned book) and made this while i waited to pick kids up from school, it's saying "all of the boys caught fish" 

lemons for dinner *edited - image 14 - student project

 lemons for dinner *edited - image 15 - student project


i have another gif i'm working on, that my younger son asked me to make, which i will upload later 

thanks for sharing your knowledge again rich, you're awesome



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