learning to let go

learning to let go - student project

I love painting and really enjoy the process but my biggest struggle is coming up with ideas. 

I love your classes because they focus on overcoming that fear. The two images I posted here are made with the freeform method. I just dived into it and didn't think too much. I'm not happy with all my decisions but I experimented with a new inkset I never used before. Also like you mentioned in your lessons, knowing when to stop is a struggle. Overall I'm glad with my paintings.


I'm also gonna do the planned method later. I think I will find the planned method more difficult because I will have the feeling that I should come with this brilliant idea before I can start painting. But I will give it a try! :) learning to let go - image 1 - student projectlearning to let go - image 2 - student project

I finally did the planned process. I found it very difficult, I made so many thumbnails. I am not happy with the end result. I started with brown colors but then added some other colors in, so I ended up with muddy colors I didn't like. But I did learn something from the experiment and that is that I like the effect of black Indian ink with water.

learning to let go - image 3 - student project

learning to let go - image 4 - student projectlearning to let go - image 5 - student projectlearning to let go - image 6 - student project