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le Papier - Brand Identity

Hello Guys! I'm starting my project here, those are my first steps with this class, hope you enjoy it! 


To make this document I read a lot of the projects of the class and the teacher's project too.. I have to say, I'm not a great person with words and, for me, write texts is always the worst part of projects. But with your help and inspiration, I could do this: 

le Papier is a design studio focused in custom wedding stationery, all handmade. Today, they don't have a visual identity because they're new on the market and need a look to distinguish it from their competition and to reflect the personality of the possible customers.

We want to stand out from our competitors through a differentiated service, with handmade and fully customized products, offering  to our customers creative visual identities and general stationery for weddings.

Target Audience
Modern couples, from any age, which seek for a custom service and are willing to pay more for this delicate and custom made work, totally under their needs and tastes.

 Unique invites for unique customers. 





Distinguishing Characteristics

Personalized care, looking for a connection with each couple, learn about who they are as a person and a couple.

Design, print, making, everything in the same place, in a cozy, custom and unique way.

Creativity: design which stands out of the competitors with a modern style, without losing the elegance of the occasion.

Creative Considerations

I would like to have a black and white base with blush and mint as secondaries, maybe with a pinch of gold. 

Some background textures/images, a clean identity to stands out the work and complete them, without interference.

Tone or key words

Romantic & modern

Sophisticated but Welcoming

Clean & Artistic



Those are the palettes which I think are the best to what I wanted for this identity:

I've made some changes and got this one, which I already tried with the logo:


Hi! I'm here again to show you my progress with typography. I love typography and this was the most difficult choice I've made! I have a list of "want to use" types and choose just two of them was a hard work! So, my main product is a website, and the brand have to stand out through it, besides, I'll need a business card and a brochure to present my work offline. I concluded I needed two types and maybe another one to do some highlights and funny script things. Here are my choices to the two main types I need, I wanted a beautiful and elegant slab serif with a sans serif more casual and relaxed. I already have my prefered ones but I would like some opinions. Are you there friends? haha take a look: 

Ok, here are my choices! I choose the first beautiful Slab and used this together with a scrip font and the second sans serif. I think I got a cool balance and I can see a lot of variations to make with those types:

I'll be back soon! 


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