Michelle M.

fashion & high school senior portrait photographer



landscapes & places

I joined this class because I want to practice my landscape photography.  Being a portrait photographer - landscapes are just a little outside my comfort zone.  It's a whole entirely different way of looking at the world, and I'm hoping to flex these new skills this winter as I do some traveling.  Would love any feedback on what I've taken so far!  Image #4 is my recent shot after taking this class.  Will edit to add more as I go out and shoot more!


I edit all my photos with VSCO & Afterlight (for cropping adjustments, and white borders before uploading to instagram)

Instagram : moorephoto

Website: michellemoore.com

1 "fall" @ golden gardens, wa

2 "sunset storm" @ grand canyons, az

3 "winter drive" @ mt. bachelor, or

4 "snowy bridge" @ snoqualmie pass, was

5 "summer sunset" @ lake washington, wa


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