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Irvin Hwang




labor of love

I ended up spending a little over FOUR hours making ~thirty dumplings!  That's less than eight dumplings an hour!  My girlfriend is Polish and it really made me appreciate her Mom's AMAZING pierogi.

I made a vegetarian filling consisting of firm tofu, a lot of green onion, nappa cabbage, and shredded carrots (along with soy sauce and some sesame oil).



One mistake I made was to making the first dumpling skins too thin, which caused the first half of the batch to kind of fall apart when cooked.  I also piled the skins on top of each other so by the time I reached the second half they were all stuck together, which was a bit disheartening considering rolling the skins was definitely the most time intensive part


It was a bit of a blessing in disguise since I made the second batch of skins thicker.  Anyway great class! But I'll probably use pre-made wonton skins if I make dumplings again :-)



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