@l0v3theprocess - student project

This class was eye-opening for me and helped push me to start thinking about creating a separate art-focused Instagram account (rather than just dumping all the random images on my personal profile), while also starting to think about business and strategy in the process. I still will need a lot more practice to build up my consistency, but here's what I came up with to start out! (Please add me--I'd love to follow others who have learned and grown from courses like these on skillshare).

@l0v3theprocess - image 1 - student projectHere's my profile! I'm always torn between using art or a personal photo--I landed on an illustration to start things off. Also, am I the only person who feels weird putting their full first and last name on IG? I went with just including my first name to start.

@l0v3theprocess - image 2 - student project

Thinking about the first few posts and how to connect back to a store & variety of post-types for interest, while looking consistent is INCREDIBLY challenging. But I'm happy with the variety in the types of images.

These all were edited with the Afterlight App recommended in the course! :)

@l0v3theprocess - image 3 - student project

Here are a few examples of #hashtags I use in my posts:

@l0v3theprocess - image 4 - student project

I like to either end with a hashtag on the original post and then add the comment hashtags right after, @l0v3theprocess - image 5 - student projectOr include the hashtags as I tell the story and then add the comment hashtagblast with anything that wouldn't make sense to say initially. Anyone else do this?

Overall, fun class that made me want to engage more with IG and build new relationships with other art entrepreneurs. :)


Jamie Stephens
Always Learning, Trying, Improving