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Christóbal Bernal

Experimental visual scientist residing in New York



l i v i n g t h r o u g h m a r k s åß∂ƒ©˙®†¥¨ˆøπ“‘

I'm participating in hopes of letting go certain things that I can't help but feel restrict me as someone who mainly works with with image making, be it through design or creating for the sake of creating. I'm trying to get to some sort of edge and just gain some persepctive on what things resonate with me and to genuinely portray them. At the same time, I want to propell myself away from the things I tend to gravite to in hopes of some type of discovery. I'm not sure if I'm wording that right. I'm just trying to enable growth and embrace vulnerabilty. I have no expectations and have no idea what direction I'll be heading in. What I do know is that I will be keeping play a priority throughout whatever it is... this is.

Best wishes,



* * *

I won't go too much into the details of each inspiration visual. I'll update with details on specific ones at anyone's request.

Here's what I've got so far.







                                  I may add more later but for now these will do.


* * *

So here are some results of the actual mark making. Surfaces varied from matte to smooth surfaces. India ink, sumi ink, matte house paint, charred wood, spray paint, tape and even some cheap vodka (not consumed) were use to assist in the mark making along with sumi brushes, a twig from a bush that had a felt like filling, hands, and a long industrial nail.

Still have some ideas for experimentation and will do an update with those attempts.

Charred twig marks

Same twig was then dipped in india ink. I didn't have the intentions of making out the word hit but once it was there I wetn along and emphasized it.

medium soft haired sumi brush with india ink. Surface had a slight sheen gloss feeling.

Overhead. Sorry for the awkward cropped toe.

Mix of hard and soft sumi brush useing india and sumi ink and I think house paint. I used the side of my hand at times.

Angled view

white spray paint on black matte paper.

Same as previous but decided to play around with some type of contour deffinition with the shapes using the black matte house paint. This allowed certain figures resembling letters to surface even though I had not started with that intention but once again, when I noticed that it could head in that direction I went for it.

A process of addition, reduction/subtraction and addition. Started on a matte white surface and continously overlapped marks. Then duct tape was used to reduce some of the marks by having parts of the surface ripped off. Then more paint was used to reintroduce marks in the subtracted spaces.

Close up

For these marks I ended up mixing some india ink with some bubbles. I then made stencils and blew bubbles through the stencils. Still playing around with the idea and how to maybe gain some control. Thinking possibly different levels of gradient.

Here's a short video of it being done on paper that was wet with "bubbles" which also to a kind of interesting result :


The next to results are from more play on the same type of matte paper and throwing in some other mediums.


Here are some more experiments.

This one was done by using a piece of bent and rolled craft brown paper as the "brush." I like how the fibers of the paper break down with more use and there's a build of character.

A thin thread was dipped in ink then dragged across a matte paper that had both dry and wet spots. Not sure if I like the result but it was kind of interesting. Would be interested to see the result of yarn or a couple strands of yarn together, basically like a mini mop head.

ink, window mesh, krink, plastic wrapping. There's no reason why it's upside down.

Same platic as before but each letter was cut out and the plastic was lightly melted.

crayon, ink, graphite, matte paper. I don't know.

This one took a little more effort. Fire and glazzed ceramic plate. Wanted to try it after seeing Victores plates.

hallowed cracked egg and ink. It is intersting writting on uneven planes.

spray paint with some broken, clogged or remodified caps.


Here were some attempts at a poster.

I don't know what to think of them. I don't feel the typography is strong enough or that it connects to the message as well as I'd like it to.

James recently published a note on what the most valuable skill is. It made me reconsider a lot of things and question if I was approaching the project in a way that I would actually be get something valuable out of it. It goes a lot further than making original marks and poster making. Even though I understood that from the start, I'm only now grasping how much further I'll have to go. I will continue to struggle with it but I'll embrace it.

I wrote the following note to the 7 year old me in reaction to his note.


Embracing the struggle and continueing to play around. Here are some recent results.

Decided to attempt to make my own dip pen out of a hallow out branch of a bush that had cotton like filament. I've played with this wood before and it led to interesting results.

Attempted to make a brush out of the wood as well.

and use it

Then there was this which I played around with.

Haven't gone back to the typograhpy for the poster yet. Will continue to make marks and play though.

Take care.


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