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there is hope for the hopeless



knit on!

i took too long coming up with a workable phrase that gave me ideas beyond for actual layouts etc, and after trying my motto - choose joy - and even one that reminds me of love and my husband, i settled on 'knit on, with confidence and hope through all crises' by the godmother of knitters everywhere, elizabeth zimmerman.  to me it is a constant reminder to just keep going- not just in knitting but in life, in any endeavor, and even this class when i got totally freaked out by the level of talent in here! either way, i signed up and i intend to finish (with hope and some waning confidence).

(sorry for cell phone photo, i have limited movement and the scanner is far)

i am a full on pinterest addict so my moodboard is varied, but i tried to pare it down a bit to my main inspirations - knitting, floral, warmth, kurbits, and chalkboard lettering. i'm also a massive kate daisy fan, pretty inspired there.

moving on to warm ups, it took me a long time to figure this out. seriously was ready to quit, but the other night it started to click and i think i did ok!

i really love the two representational ones- the first using things like a row counter as the i, with the loop as the dot, etc and the second using yarn as the loopy bits of letters and needles as the straight ones.  some are hits, others are misses

then i started the thumbnails and i'm pretty sure i know where i'm attempting to go from here.  i like the symmetrical ones the most, and the bottom right is most likely going to be my first attempt at a full sketch, crossed knitting needles, skeins of yarn on the side etc, though some of the others interest me as well. at some point i started thinking of sort of swedish folk art, wtih birds and vines and so on, as well.  

i'm about to start the next video, to help me take the thumbnail to a full drawing. knit on, folks. 


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