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Cynthia Bogart

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kitchen wallpaper!

Sorry about the connecting lines, I had to assemble this from a screenshot in photshop in a little bit of a hurry.  

So this project began when my boyfriend wanted to wallpaper a kitchen in a house he was remodelling and asked me to design a wallpaper. Yikes! I am an illustrator, and I had never designed a wallpaper but I had always wanted to. I started with some hand drawn illustrations of kitchen utensils and some florals and traced them all (tediously with my finger and a laptop trackpad) into illustrator. I have a bunch of different colorways I tried out but this darker look is more of what the customer was going for. Thank you so much for your class. It was so helpful and you explained in a way I could easily follow along! Here's my next issue... I tried to get a printed sample through spoonflower but it looked grainy even though the resolution was well within their limits and the online proof looked good. I am super new to this so feel free to spam me with advice please :)



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