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kita : something more

kita (北) means North in the Japanese language.

something more

"Something more?"

"More of what?"

An intentionally vague slogan, it brings to the forefront of discussion what is this "more"? And I think this question is what truly guides what I design as an individual and what kita will produce as a brand. I believe that there is always a need for more. The philosophy is to take something that exists, study it, pick it apart, and create something different. Something innovative. Something more. More can mean better technology, more can mean a different approach to design, more can mean adding meaning to design and more can even mean less.

An example would be the pocket tee. I'm unsure exactly which brand blew up this concept, but soon every brand started producing the same pocket tee, but with a different fabric. I knew that I could do something more. So I set to designing a pocket tee for myself, and I thought not about how I wanted it to look, but rather about the idea of a pocket tee itself. I found that a traditional pocket tee was unconventional, because things could easily fall out, but I liked the idea of having a fun pattern. So I imagined a pocket tee with a zipper and this is what I came up with. (note: this is not actually the final design. The final design features a contrast red zipper as opposed to a blue zipper)

 It's a pocket tee, but it's more than just a pocket tee. It's something more.


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