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Why I am making a blog:

  • to show the things I am making/doing.
  • to write more often, on a regular basis.
  • to document my life/experiences.
  • to have an outlet for thoughts/ideas.
  • to do something creative.
  • to learn topics by teaching.
  • as motivation to develop content, especially if feeling creative block.
  • as motivation to document things I create.
  • to show my creative process.
  • to have more of an online presence.
  • to make connections (+ possibly online friendships).
  • to join the blogger communitiy + increase contacts.
  • possibly to make a side income; attract clients and sales for side business (in-progress).
  • to create opportunities (books, guest blog posts, collaborative projects, etc).
  • to have somewhere online that is more current than my woefully outdated website.
  • to gather my thoughts/bounce ideas/have a sounding board.
  • to share things I find online (interesting articles, links, etc).
  • to teach things I learn/share tips + tricks.
  • to tune-up my rusty writing skills.
  • so that i have a blog.
  • to have a place to direct people who are interested in what I do, so they can see more of what I do
  • to feel like my wide range of interests have a purpose; have them be more organized/less scattered.
  • to feel like I'm doing something more connected, than just isolated by myself.

Who is my blog audience:

+ Demographics

  • age: mid-twenties, early-thirties
  • gender: more likely females, although applicable for crafty males
  • income: middling? enough to afford extra things like craft supplies without breaking the bank, although not extravagant
  • location: cities, towns in the US, although applicable elsewhere
  • job: artist, or non-artists who like to spend their non-working hours expressing their creativity; people who may just be starting their careers, or still trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives
  • years of experience: beginner to advanced
  • children: either has none (childfree!) or some, but the main focus of their creative life is not kid-oriented.
  • devices used to access content: computer. for tablet/mobile, might need to have condensed versions.

+ Psychographics

  • appreciates and values the arts and creative outlets.
  • interested in crafts/DIY -- might not actually make things, but likes to read about making things.
  • friendly: likes people and wants to connect.
  • values saving up for better tools/equipment/supplies, instead of buying cheap crap that breaks and having to buy twice -- even if they have to wait to save up/use coupons/sales.
  • non-political, non-religious affliated.
  • feminist, LGBT- and equal-rights
  • interested in environmental issues.
  • trying to figure out ways to express themselves; trying to figure out what they are doing in life
  • giver: likes to share with other people, make gifts, give love freely.
  • feeling scattered or might have issues with their diverse interests, or dealing with creative block

Detailed Audience Description:

Jane is a late-twentiesomething (who is kind of freaking out about turning 30, since she is still trying to figure out her life). She has a lot of creativity; she uses her off-time to make things as a creative outlet and the whole crafting process, as well as making DIY projects for the end-product. She doesn't have a lot of time/money to spend on things, but recognizes the value of quality supplies/tools/ingredients over cheaping out on crap (Jane would rather pinch and skimp on other areas of life to get the yarn she's drooling over, though often tries to find a less expensive but good quality alternative). She likes learning new skills, connecting with fellow makers, and is looking for inspiration and new ways to express her creativity. It can be hard for her to manage her broad range of interests, but on the plus side -- she is never bored.

Audience Images (courtesy of Getty):

Blog Style:

5 words about blog style:

  • Creative -- visuals of projects, etc
  • Conversational -- like hanging out with a friend, but proper spelling/grammar, etc.
  • Informative -- details about projects, process, and some how-to's
  • Inspiring -- ideas for projects
  • Useful -- skills, tips and tricks

5 things I don't want it to be:

  • boring
  • long-winded
  • too casual
  • too scattered
  • unread


  • Conversational - too casual = Friendly
  • Creative - long-winded = Focused
  • Informative - too scattered = Organized
  • Inspiring - boring = Interesting/Engaging
  • Useful - unread = Helpful/Resource

Three SMART Goals:

  • I plan to write at least 2 posts per week for the first month, with at least one visual per post. (Gradually increase posting over the next 4 months up to 6 posts per week).
  • I plan to have 5 followers/subscribers (non-familial) within 3 months.
  • I plan to create at least 1 free bonus-content perk (downloadable/printable) per month.


Brand Statement (fill-in-the-blank):

kira makes things is a friendly, creative, and engaging personal blog focused on providing content about art, craft & DIY projects to interested fellow artists, craft hobbyists & dabblers, and potential clients so that I can showcase the work I am currently creating

Why am I doing this?:

  • to inspire others to try a wide variety of creative outlets.
  • to build interest in my services as an artist.
  • to form connections with potential clients.
  • to document and share my creative process.
  • to teach tips + tricks I have learned from my experiences.

By putting in the effort to develop quality content on a regular basis, I plan to:

  • establish credibility as a working artist.
  • generate interest in my services as an artist.
  • gain at least 5 followers/subscribers (non-familial) in the next 3 months.
  • create an inventory of items for sale online (etsy) or at craft markets.

Content Pillars:

  • What I am working on -- showcase current projects, discuss planned projects, etc
  • Why do I... -- stories of personal experiences; how I got into doing X, Y, Z; reasons for creating, etc.
  • Tips + Tricks -- techniques I use to do/make things
  • How To's/Tutorials -- full instructions to create something specific
  • Reviews -- of DIY books, supplies, etc.

Source Library - Sourcing:

  • Feedly
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Site Subscriptions

Source Library - Storing Tools:

  • Pocket
  • Dropbox

Interviews + Guest Posts:

  • People: Fellow artists/crafters/makers
  • Topics: How To's, Tutorials, Creative Process, Studio Tours 


Publication Channels:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • maybe Pintrest? & Google+?

Publication Frequency:

  • 2 posts per week for first month
  • increase to 5 posts per week over the next 3 months

Roles, Responsibilities + Work-Flow:

  • All roles = me
  • Publish = 0 days
  • Content Approved = -1 day
  • Content Revised = -2 days
  • Content Proofread = -4 days
  • Draft for Review (including images) = -6 days
  • Content Calendar = -30 days




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