king of control



I can’t believe what you did to me, so naive
Really thought you were the one for me, so eager to please
Had me thinking I was something unique, flavor of the week
Your truth is deceit, you made me fall to my knees


But I’m here to tell you now
I know without a doubt
Just what you’re all about
And I came to say it loud


I know who I am, but you don’t have a clue
You don’t even know that your own mother hates you
You think you’re a fucking god, but you refuse the truth
You think to love is to abuse

Never knowing what was next, what crime did I commit?
Tiptoeing around your temper, demanding I submit
Every day blame is mine, bending your rules a bit
Constant accusations, only ‘cause you’re guilty of it


But I'm not taking it now
I know you’re thinking how
You can spin it all around
And give yourself the crown



Everything’s always about being real, transparency
No matter how much I show, you never believe me
Just when I’m about to win, you spin it around again
You love my frustration, knowing only you can win


You can keep your games
Don’t beg me to stay
You have to have your way
I'm never gonna cave