the weekly reader customized for your child | Skillshare Projects the weekly reader customized for your child

Kids like paper. Reading, drawing, solving puzzles.

But not all kids are the same.

What if you could publish (in 15 minutes) and have delivered, five days later, a personalized weekly reader for your own child? Her reading level? Done. His favorite game? Included. Characters that she loves and wants to read about? On page 1. the publishing platform that makes you the curator of your own child's reading and learning experience. You drag and drop the features, and the games, math puzzles, reading exercises, and the promotions that you think are right for your kid. does the rest – printing and mailing a personalized publication with his picture, her name, and the just-in-time learning experience she needs. In your mailbox, with her name on it.

"My six-year-old was amazed when the first issue arrived. All his favorite characters, references to what he was learning in school, and just the right reading and math exercises to to push him gently to the next level. Now, he hangs out by the mailbox. "is my magazine here yet?'"


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