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[kbh] Coffee Table and Couch

Coffee Table (and couch)

Here are some of the first "after" shots of my coffee table/couch from over the weekend!

Before Shots

My tiny space doesn't really have all the zones suggested in this class, so hopefully it is ok that I pick five areas I do have!

The sleeping area in my space is dominated by a wall of bookshelves. At one point they were lovingly arranged — with blank space even! —but now they are bursting at the seams and in need of a serious edit.

The desk is a homemade combination of open stock IKEA countertops and my grandmother's faux Saarinen tulip set. It now needs to accomodate two workers/writers.

The bed. Shamefully neglected. :)

The couch and coffee table. I just finished hanging a fun picture wall, but haven't had a chance to really finish this space yet!

8 Styling Principles

Hi all! I'm Katy, a designer and developer in the Boston area. I live in a tiny 400ish square foot space that has to serve a lot of functions, so for this assignment was interested in finding examples that were compact hybrids of living and working space. So I raided my Live/Work pinterest board:

Why I picked this one, in no particular order:

Pattern: I felt like architectural detail was the pattern here. No need to bring it in with other stuff.

Botanicals: I like that the arrangement is informal, since the rest of the room is somewhat dark and conservative.

Needs: Not a whole lot that isn't functional on this desk, but enough to make working there enjoyable. Bonus: the chair looks like it could actually be comfortable to sit at.

Texture: Jute shades, hardwoood floors, etc.

Shape + bling: The small glass object (vase? sculpture?) is great, but it looks like there might be other little metallic bits in the picture frames and lamp shade.

Placement: I love that the whole thing is very symmetrical except for a few small things: the chair and laptop turned at an angle, and the big square basket off to the lower right.

Color: I love the dark walls combined with the various tones of wood and foliage. I suspect the color, combined with the windows, makes it harder to photograph — but I love how it makes this work area feel roomy even though it probably isn't!

(original image source: http://www.lonny.com/photos/Work+Space/rlYquM7A0VI)


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