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karmaloop endgame

I began my research with focus on how fashion and style affect the way we act. I found a specific energy, especially after slipping on a brand new pair of hitops, that activates confidence which is the ultimate “game” power-up. I wanted to synthesize that feeling into one concept that allowed me to fully convey the “essence of new.”

I draw inspiration from many places and from seemingly out of nowhere a striking idea came about while watching the movie Beetlejuice the other night.  I noticed a subtle theme that was used for when a person dies, he/she is forever locked in to whatever clothes were worn at the time of their demise, and carries over to the afterlife, for eternity! That idea opened up a whole new perspective on what it means to be fresh to death;) You seriously don’t want to be rockin’ some tired old thing till the end of time, do you??

So now that I have my unorthodox platform, I needed to define it. So I pulled from my original idea of game power and fused it with mortality and arrived at the term “endgame.” So we all know if a person has game, but what exactly is endgame? Well usually you hear people say,” at least he died doing what he loved.”... wow this is getting a little too dark. To keep it on the light side we'll just say, the ideal endgame scenario involves you looking your best while doing that thing you love to do. Sweet.

So by launching this unconventional and slightly morbid endgame pitch deck, we can ask what would be your ideal endgame? How would you see your ultimate ending play out and what style will everyone remember you by? To allow people to play along , karmaloop would  create a new “endgame cart” on the karmaloop site, or replace the wishlist for a limited time. People will be asked to personalize their cart with a short blurb describing their endgame scenario and to add their ideal endgame ensembles to. So by voting on the contents of peoples endgame cart and their endgame blurbs, karmaloop will fly the winner out to be immortalized in their endgame outfit to pose in their personal endgame photo shoot. Oh, snap!

Well that’s pretty much it. Below is the mockup I put together using some stock imagery for the endgame idea. Honestly, I would much rather fly out to meet the team to direct a proper shoot and really make this something special.

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