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k9's beach resort

Creative Brief for:

k9's beach resort

Which is: A home away from home for all k9's requiring  short and long stay visits whilst their owners are working on holidays or for any other reason

We provide a  happy, healthy and comfortable home for the day the week or longer,  wiith fresh food, daily excercise which includes running and swimming if allowed and a lot of lot of luv and cuddles.


People who do not like to leave their dogs alone whilst at work

Families going away on the traditional yearly holidays

F.I.F.O.  (Fly in Fly out) single people and couples who worker on minesites etc.


K9 Beach Resort

 Is a canine boarding house for short and longterm stay.

 It’s primary objective is to cater to the community’s needs of care for their best friend when:

a.     at work

b.     on holiday

c.      F.I.F.O ie: Fly in Fly Out workers mainly at mining sites in the Northwest of the state.

d.     To provide a safe secure and loving environment in which your dog resides for his holiday

e.     Close access to a vet hospital

f.      Hydrobathing available

g.     Beach play and swimming available with experienced carers to accompany them

This is a service to the community and has been used and tested since the 1970’s and even today with the advent of home care available by visiting carers the boarding business is still holding its own with the added service of pick up and delivery of your dog.


K9’s beach resort is a new slant on the old service by having the business very close to the ocean and to medical help. 

The added component of day care and hydrobathing with pick and delivery available has lifted the service to a new level.


This service has been tested well and truly with positive results.   It is a vital service to the community especially in Australia which is a beach loving, holiday taking and Fly in Fly out workers country.

I have worked in the industry as a kennel hand for many years and also have been in retail sales for 25yrs I have excellent customer service skills together with video/audio production and graphic skills.

 How Much:

The cost is $5000 start up by using prefabricated and used kennels and fencing.

The site is on a small hobby farm in a seaside commercial area with sheds, power and water   

 People in Fremantle Western Australia ‘s average yearly earnings are $54,728 out of that the spend on average is $45 a day on their canine best friend according to the West Australian newspaper on 16/3/13

 Our Fees will be

Small – medium dogs           $15 a day

              Large dogs                             $20 a day

               Doggy day care                      $12 a day     Meals small dog $1Large dog $2

The capacity of the kennels is boarding for 30 dogs


To generate interest in the boarding kennel and therefore create bookings by

 1. Creation of business cards,

 2 .Airbrushing logo and contact info onto the van used in taxi service to and fro the kennels.

 3. Video a small advertisement to be shown on cctv

 4. Create a jingle to be played on radio

 All of these avenues including word of mouth will generate clients, then it is up to the kennels to give great service therefore ensuring continuing visits.


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