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k i n d n e s s

Kindness is always possible.

I'm going to explore the phrase 'kindness is always possible'. It's a kind of mantra I use to remind myself to be kind and compassionate with my children and not yell at them. It's derived from the Dalai Lama's words "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." I've used the shorter version to keep it under the ten words. The intended format is as a fridge magnet.


zen . dalai lama . open . kind . circle . smile . hand . monk . active . quiet . bunny . warm . fuzzy . biscuit tins . crosstitch . beads . asian . orange . hugs . fun . laughter . hearts . strive . goals . lips . kiss . kittens . love . mittens . cuddle . chat

mood board

Looking at vintage biscuit tins, kittens and cross stitch.
Colours are kitschy pastel pink, blue and yellow.


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